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Beautiful babies are not tiny for long.  Every day is filled with precious moments.  Why not create a lasting memento with a photoshoot with your little bundle of joy?

When photographing newborns, I know from experience how important it is to create a truly relaxed, enjoyable session. I always strive to achieve this for both your baby and anyone else who will be with us on the day. Your newborn session will be entirely baby-led.  This means that I’ll never rush you. I remember those unpredictable early days very clearly (albeit a while ago)!

I advise you to feed your baby when I arrive and I’m setting up as this will help with the smooth running of the session.  That way your baby will have a full tummy and fingers crossed, lots of smiles. I also recommend that you bring a couple of dummies/pacifiers with you just in case your baby gets fretful and needs to be calmed. 

Your session will last between 2 and 4 hours depending on cooperative your baby is.  If you want to bring your baby a change of clothes to vary the photos this will take a little more time but it’s fine by me.

Beautiful Babies
Beautiful Babies photographed by Jackie Gillman
Beautiful Babies by Jackie Gillman
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Beautiful Babies in a Warm Hat

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